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Welcome to North Carolina Coalition On Aging


Our mission as a coalition is to improve the quality of life for older adults through legislative, public policy, and community actions.

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The Coalition promotes the dignity, self-determination and well-being of North Carolina's older adults. Together, we represent more than 1 million votes in North Carolina.

2017 Legislative Priorities and Action Taken by the General Assembly (noted in red) below ...

  • Increase the recurring state funding for the Home and Community Care Block Grant (HCCBG) by $7 million. $967,549 in non-recurring funding was appropriated for each year of the biennium.
  • Establish a joint legislative committee to examine issues pertaining to the state’s growing older adult population, including health care and financial security, and to make recommendations on how the state can better support North Carolinians to age with dignity. A special provision was included in the budget bill that calls on the co-chairs of the Joint Legislative Oversight Committee on Health and Human Services to consider appointing a subcommittee on aging to examine the state’s delivery of services for older adults in order to determine their needs and to make recommendations on how to address these needs.
  • Increase state funding and support for adult protective services (APS) and guardianship services and conduct a comprehensive evaluation of these services.
  • In order to better support direct care workers and help reduce worker turnover, invest in Medicaid Personal Care Services (PCS) and Community Alternatives Program for Disabled Adults(CAP-DA) programs by increasing the reimbursement rate over a two year period from $13.88 per hour to the national average of $18.82. Funding was appropriated to increase the Personal Care Services rate as well as the CAP-Children hourly rate to $15.52 per hour.
  • Pass legislation that will support working family caregivers and help to keep them in the workforce.

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Recent Actions...

  • Proposed Program Design for Medicaid Managed Care - Comments by Coalition's President September 8, 2017...  Read Comments
  • Legislation Passed in the 2017 Legislative Session of Special Interest to Aging Advocates/Members of the N.C. Coalition on Aging more
  • Key Provisions of Budget Bill (Senate Bill 257) Related to Aging - June 21, 2017 more
  • Key Items Related to Aging in Joint Conference Committee Report (Money Report) on Base, Capital, and Expansion Budget - June 21, 2017 more
  • Coalition's Comments on Medicaid and NC Health Choice Transformations - Submitted to NC DHHS May 22, 2017 more
  • Supplemental Material on Support for Home and Community Care Block Grant - (For Legislative Advocacy - May 17, 2017) more
  • Supplemental Material on Adult Protective Services and Guardianship in North Carolina - A Crisis in the Making (For Legislative Advocacy - May 17, 2017) more
  • Statement from Coalition on Senate's Budget Proposal - (May 10, 2017) more


NC Coalition on Aging - P.O. Box 12762 - Raleigh, NC 27605

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Coalition President - Mary Bethel -

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Monthly Meeting

Friday October 27, 2017 ...More Details

Other 2017 Meetings of Interest

October 24, 2017 – 2017 Alzheimer’s NC Dementia Caregiver Education Conference at Haymount United Methodist Church (1700 Fort Bragg Road) in Fayetteville, NC.

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August News Edition Highlights...

  • Just Because It's Summer Doesn't Mean Politics Takes a Back Seat - From Raleighto Washington, plenty of things have gone on these last several weeks to keep those who "follow" political developments glued to their electronic devices while they attempt to squeeze in vacation time, and there are no signs that things will ease up anytime soon. (Read More)
  • Legislative District Maps - On July 31, a panel of three federal judges ordered state legislators to redraw maps by September 1 for legislative districts that have been ruled to be unconstitutional racial gerrymanders. In the same ruling, judges ruled that North Carolina will not have to have special elections in 2017 in the new state legislative districts. (Read More)
  • What's Ahead for the ACA? Following failure of the Senate efforts last month to repeal and replace the ACA, Senate leaders have signaled that they want to just drop the issue - at least for now. According to the Kaiser poll, about 4 in 5 people want the Trump administration to take actions that help the ACA function properly, rather than trying to undermine it. (Read More)

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The NC Coalition on Aging welcomes donations to help further our work on behalf of older North Carolinians. All donations are put back into our advocacy, public policy, and community action efforts.

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